2022 has been an amazing year for Blessman International. The year has been full of challenges and blessings. Dustin, Alexandra, Beth, and I all faced significant health challenges that have been good for our prayer lives.  We learned to depend upon our God who is always faithful and helps us through troubled waters.


Our ministry has grown in size and spiritual depth every year for 21 years now.  Our child feeding program has grown tremendously. We currently have 8 hubs distributing food out to 60,000 children. In the coming year, we will add another 2 or 3 hubs and additional children. Our main focus this year will be improving the quality and quantity of food that each child receives.

Our Celebrate Recovery program has been amazing at helping to heal hurting souls in over 200 high school youth. In the coming year, we will be leading Celebrate Recovery for youth in three large local high schools and also in our Lighthouse Church. We are training and assisting two other large churches starting Celebrate Recovery programs for adults. Our plan is to take Celebrate Recovery to our provincial prison in about 6 months with one of these new churches and their trained volunteer staff.


We have enjoyed hosting several short-term mission teams now that the fear of Covid has calmed down. This past month we hosted a team from Convoy of Hope that included all of their African missionaries for a training and motivational conference.

Our water and sanitation programs have stayed busy with us recently drilling 5 new wells for preschools and helping them to also start gardens with drip irrigation to assist them in feeding their children. Our sanitation division continues to construct new Enviro Loo toilets every month. Beginning next year, we will also be starting a new company to service each of these toilets to keep them functioning properly. We were recently blessed with two large grants from Hy Vee and Rotary to fund these projects.


We continue to develop our training and research farm to supplement our feeding program and have planted many new gardens. We just finished planting a large garden for Mokopane Hospital and gardens in 5 preschools. Early next year we will be planting a large new garden at our Del Cramer Children’s Campus.


This year we also finished construction on our beautiful Sports 4 Christ athletic field for soccer and netball. We have hired men’s and women’s coaches and have established a sports league with area churches. In February we hope to sign an MOU with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes which will lead to many American coaches and athletes coming to our campus for sports clinics.


Prayer request for this month: I will be having open heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic to repair my mitral valve on December 12th.  I appreciate your prayers to help me safely through this surgery and recovery.

Kevin Mohlabane

Imagine if you didn’t know when you would eat your next meal.

For many children in South Africa, that is their daily reality. That’s why Blessman International operates a network of feeding hubs in South Africa and distributes over 3,000,000 meals annually. We want children to live up to their potential and break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Kevin MohlabaneKevin grew up in the dusty streets of Sekgakgapeng village in Limpopo, one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. Kevin was raised by his grandmother after losing his mother at an early age. Being raised in extreme poverty, Kevin went to school on an empty stomach and relied on the school’s feeding program. Often, he went days without food at home. 

“I remember when I was ten, and Blessman International arrived in our village. A place created for kids and filled with people dedicated to serving us. I felt so much love at Del Cramer. It became more than just a place to get food; it became a safe haven for me. It was my happy place where I could get a break from the traumas I faced at home.”

Kevin just completed his final year of high school and works as an intern at the Del Cramer Child Development Center. He leads the School-in-a-Box program, helping students improve the comprehension of their school curriculum. He also facilitates a group of young people participating in The Landing, a Christ-centered gathering to help youth through hardships.

A strong follower of Christ, Kevin says he has seen God at work many times. “I have survived many things that destroyed other people. I joined Lighthouse Christian Church and also preach to youngsters. I know that God has plans for me.”

When asked why people should support Blessman International, Kevin said, “This ministry has greatly impacted my life. I know that total strangers from another continent love me as if they know me. I have felt their love and know that others do, too. Every program here changes lives. The people of my village love and trust Blessman International. In Africa, our elders believe that children are raised by their communities. Seeing all the parents in my village trusting us with their children shows that Blessman International has truly become part of our community.”

We want all of the children we serve to have the opportunity to thrive and live up to their God-given potential. Would you consider a gift to support the most basic need of these African children – the gift of food?

Thank you for your partnership. We couldn’t serve the people of South Africa without the support of friends like you.



What is your church home?

Hope Christian Church

When did you first join Blessman International?

January 2012

What inspired you to work for Blessman International?

The farming side of the organization especially training people in vegetable farming.

What do you hope Blessman International accomplishes in the next 12 months?

Train as many people in vegetable gardens and produce a variety of vegetables as well.

What do you wish people knew about Blessman International?

The spiritual side of the organization and the meeting of several physical needs of vulnerable children.

Tell us one fact most people don’t know about you.

Whatever I do, I do it as unto Christ.