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April 2020 – Finding Hope

We are all experiencing life in “interesting times”; it reminds me of stories I heard from my parents about living through the great depression and WWII.  I am sure that what we are currently experiencing is a walk in the park compared to what they went through.  Fortunately, when God called me into full time missions 20 years ago my focus in life changed from making money and accumulating stuff to serving God and serving the poor.  This change in focus for me has instilled lasting joy in my heart.  I sense many of my American friends now feeling anxiety over losing their financial security and a sense of depression is overcoming at least some of them.  I can testify to all of you that the real value of money and material goods is way over rated.  Twenty years ago, I truly had more money that I ever imagined would be possible when I was growing up but I still desired to make more money.  Now, twenty years later, I have much less money but I have a strong sense that I have more than I need or deserve and I am much happier.  I spend most of my life living around and with the African people who are incredibly impoverished but at the same time have a sense of peace and joy that money cannot buy. 

One of the things I have really enjoyed about living in South Africa is that when I am there it is crystal clear to me that I am dependent upon God for everything.  I am in control of almost nothing.  God has been faithful to always provide what I needed…not always exactly what I thought I needed…but always exactly what I really needed and always just in time. 

My prayer is that as we here in America and around the world experience this sense of loss of our wealth, peace and even our health, it will draw all of us closer to God.  I pray that we all get our priorities in the proper order and express our gratitude for all of the good things with which God continues to bless us.

I am thankful for all of you praying for our work in Africa and financially supporting the work to which God has called us. 

For all of you, I pray God will cover you with His peace and you will experience more deeply His love for you.

May God richly bless you,