Hearts and Hands United: The 12th Annual Blessman International Gala Raises $400,000 for Mission and Ministry

May 22, 2024

The 12th Annual Blessman International Gala was a resounding success, marked by heartfelt testimonials, visionary talks, and generous philanthropy. Our annual gala is a fundraiser; however, our main focus was to glorify God.

The gala featured moving accounts from individuals whose lives have been transformed through their participation in mission trips to South Africa. These stories highlighted the profound personal and spiritual impact of being involved with Blessman International's outreach programs.

Eric Hanson reminisced about his impactful mission trip to South Africa in 2012, bringing to life the enduring influence of these experiences. Despite being unable to attend in person, Dustin Blessman connected with the audience via a heartfelt update from South Africa. He spoke about the significant number of water projects completed and the organization's more profound spiritual mission. According to Dustin, "At Blessman International, we first address people's physical needs so that we can address their spiritual needs. As we meet their earthly needs, we hope to open hearts to their greatest need—the message of salvation through Christ." 

Dr. Blessman shared his inspiring vision for the future, charting a path forward for the ministry that builds on its past successes while expanding its reach and deepening its impact. The evening also included a segment honoring key contributors:

These awards celebrated the dedication and generosity of individuals and partners who have been instrumental in the ministry's work.

The gala raised over $400,000, a testament to the generosity and engagement of the attendees. This significant financial support underscores the commitment of our community to furthering Blessman International's mission.Our friend Van Harden offered a moment of reflection and gratitude for the evening's blessings and the work ahead before closing the event in prayer.As we reflect on the 12th Annual Blessman International Gala, we are filled with gratitude for the community that supports us, the lives we are privileged to touch, and the opportunity to serve in a manner that brings glory to God. We look forward to another year of growth, service, and faith-driven outreach.