Stories from the Field - Teri​

September 1, 2022

"Let go and let God."  That was my answer when asked what I anticipated during an upcoming trip to South Africa with Blessman International.  With all of the unknowns related to a pandemic, hours of travel, and distance from family and responsibility, to "let go" seemed more of a daunting prerequisite than an option.  And to "let God" was simply, unknown.

Early in our time with new friends in South Africa, I found myself searching their eyes for how they must view these strangers from America.  Privileged?  Gawking?  Out of place?  But for every difference I expected to see, our similarities are what became strikingly profound:  the twinkle in the eyes of an hornery little boy chewing bubblegum in church; tears in the eyes of a beautiful young girl who was orphaned and desperately needing to belong; the cloudy eyes of an elderly man seeking out our eyeglasses ministry but ultimately asking for prayers of healing where glasses failed.  To "let God" was allowing Him to show me how much we are alike in this human experience we call life.  The need to be listened to, cared for and loved, the need for laughter and play, to hold a hand in prayer or a loving arm that leads the way - all of these are universal gifts that God "let" us experience by bringing us together in South Africa.

Thank you to everyone who was part of and who made this extraordinary experience a reality, to the people of South Africa for showing us what it is to love and be loved, and to the One who makes it all possible.