Our brand guidelines help ensure that Blessman International’s brand is represented correctly and consistently. This is important to convey a strong brand that resonates with our audience, builds awareness, establishes trust, and represents us well.

Our organization is Blessman International and should be referred to in headlines and on first reference. When appropriate, on second reference in longer copy, it’s acceptable to refer to us as BI. Avoid stylizing of our name, i.e. bold, italics, underline, special font, or color.

Program Names

Blessman International has several programs that operate under our organizational umbrella. They should be referred to as listed below.

Feeding Programs: Feeding Hubs, Hunt Against Hunger

Women & Youth Empowerment: Agricultural Training, Entrepreneurial Training, Menstrual Health Kit Distribution, No Apologies, One Child at a Time, School in a Box, Sewing Center, Teach a Child to Fish

Faith Formation Programs: Celebrate Recovery, Lighthouse Church, Mountain View Church, Sports 4 Christ, The Landing

Water & Sanitation Programs: Enviro Loo Construction, Enviro Loo Maintenance, Well Construction