Sponsor Letter


Letter writing is an important part of building a relationship with your sponsored child. However, sometimes you may find yourself with pen in hand staring at a blank page. What would be relevant to write about and what would my sponsored child find interesting?

Here are 8 tips to make your letter writing much easier.



Your Family

Describe your family and explain how your family functions. You can write about your children, parents, siblings, cousins and even your pets. Remember to add a photo of you and your family.



Hobbies and Past Times

Share with your sponsored child what sports you enjoy and any interests or pastimes you may have. You can also ask your sponsored child which hobbies they enjoy.



Show Interest In Your Child’s Country

Ask your child about South Africa including their traditions, seasons and even the weather.

In South Africa, there is not one heritage, or a set of distinct identities. The cultures, languages and heritages of South Africa are multiple, diverse, and dynamic.

In Limpopo, most people speak Sepedi, Ndebele, Tsonga, and some Venda.

You can do some research about South Africa and Limpopo Province to help you when writing your letters.



Where You Live

Describe your home (be careful not to share to much about material things). Give a general description of the area you live and share interesting and educational facts about the area. You can describe what your streets, shops and roads are like. South Africa children are raised in agricultural surroundings, so you can mention your garden and the plants you grow.



Their Dreams For The Future

What are your child’s dreams for the future and what are they looking forward to? What would they like to do once they are grown up? For the older children, what would like to do once they are finished with school?

You can describe your job and what you enjoy about it as well as the challenges you face.



They Are Growing Up

As you walk through this journey with your sponsored child. Each letter is an opportunity to comment on how they have grown and the goals they have achieved.



Speak To Them About God’s Love

You can ask them about church and which Bible story is their favorite?

Share scripture that has helped you on your faith journey and can help your child on their journey.

You can share your prayer requests with your child and your prayers for them.



Ask Questions

This is a simple way to show interest in your sponsored child’s life and see how they are growing spiritually and physically. It will also help if you make notes from the answers received so the next letter you write could be a follow up of these questions.


Questions could include the following,

What is their family like, and do they have any siblings?

Ask your child questions about upcoming holidays in South Africa, the weather, and traditions.

You can also ask them how school is going, and which subjects they most enjoy.

Are they involved in any sport and how is it going?

Ask them about church and do they enjoy going every Sunday?

Ask your child about their friends and what games they play with their friends?

What is their favorite animal?

What job would they like to have when they grow up?



In Conclusion

Keep your letter simple, it does not have to be a long letter, you can touch on a few points that you find interesting and that your sponsored child can easily relate with.


I hope this has helped and inspired you in writing your next letter to your sponsored child.

Happy writing!

New Year Blog Post

New Year’s  2022

2021. It was the worst of times; it was the best of times. All around the world many of us suffered losses. So many people have dealt with severe illness and even the death of loved ones. The economic impact of covid and fear of covid has been devastating in the US and in Africa. In Africa, many more children were going to bed hungry. One of our pastors in Africa died from the virus, and two ladies on staff lost children. Christelle, my longest living hospice patient died from cancer leaving her husband and 3 beautiful children behind. Covid kicked our butts making it difficult for Americans to travel to Africa on mission teams. Thankfully we were able to have one strong team in June with Joshua Christian Academy and enjoyed a great time with their students and chaperones.

Periodically I like to stop and count my blessings and give God all the glory. As we close the books on 2021, it is a good time to do that:

  • Financially, this has been the best year our ministry has ever had. With the assistance of Convoy of Hope, Meals from the Heartland, and many generous donors, we have been able to quadruple the number of children that we are helping feed with our nutritional programs. This year we were able to feed 60,000 children a meal 3 to 5 days per week. We have a goal for next year of feeding 100,000 children throughout most of South Africa and Swaziland.
  • We were able to keep our Celebrate Recovery program running strong with 70 high school youth showing up every Friday evening to participate in this healing ministry. This year we have a goal of opening up an additional CR group in a nearby high school and also opening an adult group in the Limpopo provincial prison for men and women. Staff from Saddleback Church in California and Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines have been of tremendous assistance to us with this program.
  • The expansion of our Sports 4 Christ sports league and the completion of our new sports complex was the most exciting program of 2021. Musco Lighting blessed us by installing LED lights for our Warrior Stadium Sports Complex. The entire village and surrounding area have been buzzing with excitement over this sports program.
  • We had some amazing unexpected gifts come into our ministry this year. Several months ago, in a small rural church in Iowa, a widow put a check in the collection plate directing it all to go to missions. The church blessed us with half of those funds. Another gentleman, who we did not even know, left us a substantial amount of money in his will.
  • We also have had several new churches make a decision to partner with us for financial support and explore plans to send mission teams to Africa with us.
  • The biggest blessing to our family personally, and to our ministry, was the engagement of Alexandra and Dustin. Alex has been working with our ministry for the past year, and she and Dustin plan to be married soon.

Please thank God with us for these blessings that enable us to continue feeding children and operating the programs that draw them towards Christ. Please pray with me that our staff in America and Africa stay healthy and passionate doing the work that our Lord has called us to do.

Please also pray with me that more people will remember our ministry as they do their estate and legacy planning so that the work in South Africa will continue long into the future.