Mission Moment – Ngwana Babyhouse

Today’s Mission Moment comes to us from Dr. Blessman and Avril from Ngwana Babyhouse in Polokwane. We are excited about our data collection software, and thanks to your donations, we were able to deliver a baby scale to the baby house.

The infants at the baby house will help us develop our feeding program as we track the nutritional health of all the children we feed.

This scale will help us track the infants’ growth by monitoring their biometrics and placing them on a growth curve to monitor their development to ensure their healthy growth. If a child’s growth pattern isn’t normal, we can intervene with additional medical and nutritional attention.

Thanks to all of our donors for your continued support of our mission in South Africa! If you would like to get involved and support our ministry, please visit: https://www.blessmaninternational.org/donations/