“Getting takes a lifetime; giving lasts a lifetime. It took me many years to discover that life is a journey, not a destination.”

Dr. Blessman made a promise years ago to his mom to write the story of how God brought him on his life’s journey. From deciding to become a doctor as a young boy to moving from successful practice to missionary life, Dr. Blessman’s new book will take you on that journey with him.  Purchase copies of Passion with Purpose.


“I just finished your book and enjoyed every page of it. It was outstanding, inspirational and spectacular! It shows power , joy and the challenges of two lives fully submitted to God! Thanks for writing it and thanks for finishing the race of life strong! I think of the 5,000 children who won’t go to bed hungry tonight due to Blessman International and I think of the people we will greet in Heaven, because you and Beth listened to the voice of God. Maybe, just maybe the best is yet to come!”

Michell Ricker Past Board Member & Team Member

“I stayed up late (on a) Saturday night to read it.  Very good!”

Becky Heth Past Team Member

“I started reading your book two days ago and just now finished it! It was absolutely beautiful and well written! I was addicted and sacrificed sleep because I wanted to keep reading. It is so cool how God has blessed your ministry and has given you great vision for the children of Africa. The visions have become reality!”

Katybeth ReitzPast Team Member

“It’s just amazing, I can’t put it down.”

Lawrence Jr. MaguguFriend in South Africa

“It was a great book and I loved the many pictures. I’ll read it again!”

Irene DraperBlessman International Supporter

12 year old Ana Deace, daugher of radio personality Steve Deace, was given a home school assignment to read Passion With Purpose and write a book report.  Below are a few highlights:

“When I was asked to write this report I thought, ‘Oh great, another report I have to write.’ After I read this book though I realized it’s not a report it is a message to all people. Everybody needs to read this book.”

“I loved the book. I loved the story, the humor, but the best part was his honesty. A lot of people don’t tell us the truth about mission work. They say that it’s fun, it’s the easiest thing they’ve ever done, and they even say that it was their idea. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Nobody comes up with an idea. God comes up with the idea and gives the idea to us!”

“You need to know the truth about fighting for Jesus! It’s not all fun and games. You need to learn to step up for what you believe in.”

“Whatever talent God has given you, use it. If you can sing then sing for Jesus. If you can dance then dance for Jesus. If you can rap then rap for Jesus. One more question. Will you serve Jesus?”


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