Blessman International Short-Term Trip Application Process


Submit the following items to Blessman International:

  • Completed application on Service Reef (click on application form below)
  • Signed Background Check Authorization Form completed on Service Reef
  • Pay $500 non-refundable deposit (Or mail a check made out to Blessman International, Inc.)
  • Color copy or picture of your passport’s photo page uploaded to Service Reef application
  • Headshot photo of yourself uploaded to Service Reef
  • Signed Assumption of Risk Form on Service Reef
  • Signed Team Covenant Form on Service Reef
  • Signed Social Media Permissions on Service Reef


We will process your background check and will review your application. Most applications are approved, however, Blessman International reserves the right to deny any application.

Denied Applications

A few reasons team members might be denied are: the term you have signed up for is already full, a red flag came up on your background check, you don’t meet the medical/health requirements for the trip, etc. The reason for your denial will be included in your letter of denial, all decisions are final. If your application is denied your deposit will be refunded to you less any fees incurred during the processing of your application. If your application is denied because the trip you applied for is full, you will be given the option to transfer your deposit to an open trip.

Approved Applications

Once your application has been approved your $500 deposit is non-refundable.


Trip Funds Policy

All deadlines are very important and are set according to airline payment deadlines and other travel arrangement deadlines. If monies are not received on time we cannot make arrangements for trip participants until the necessary funds are received. Please be careful to meet all deadlines.

Please note all tuition payments or donations received by Blessman International, either by a potential trip participant or an outside donor on behalf of a potential trip participant, are non-refundable. Please realize that even if a potential team member is unable to participate in the trip as they had originally planned, Blessman International has paid non-refundable fees and has made arrangements on behalf of that person. These funds will be used to cover the fees they were originally intended for. In the event that the funds received are in excess of fees incurred prior to the participant’s removal from the team, the funds will be donated to other members of the team who are in need of funds or used in the area of greatest need within the ministry.

Additionally, if a team member receives donations through Blessman International in excess of their trip tuition these donations are non-refundable and cannot be given to the team member for spending money. In this situation, the team member who was to receive the money toward their trip tuition can decide to do one of the following: 1) reserve the funds for a future trip with Blessman International to be used within 1 year of the original trip, or 2) donate the funds to Blessman International to be used for general ministry expenses, medical/ministry supplies & equipment, or for other ministry trips around the world. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact a member of the Blessman International’s staff.


Insurance Policy

Blessman International will secure travel insurance for each team member participating in a trip. The insurance coverage details will be provided to each team member in their Team Member training manual. This is NOT trip interruption or cancellation insurance. It is evacuation and medical coverage for the team member’s specific trip.

Airfare Policy

It is preferred that Blessman International coordinate all air travel. Airfare is variable dependent on time of booking and time of year you will be traveling.  The cost of the ticket cannot be guaranteed by Blessman International until the ticket is booked. Blessman International will book tickets according to the team member’s trip application form. Blessman International cannot be held responsible for incorrect spelling of names unless the ticket does not match the application form. Please ensure that the applicant’s name matches the applicant’s passport. Team members are responsible for any fees associated with changes made to their ticket after booking. The team member is responsible for obtaining their own valid passport for travel. Passports must be valid for at least six months beyond their planned return date for their trip. Failure to meet this requirement may prevent the trip applicant entry into the country he/she is traveling to.

Team Member Conduct

Every team member is expected to act in a courteous and polite manner. Things sometimes happen that are not under the control of Blessman International or our staff and team members must remain flexible and patient. Consuming alcoholic beverages may be permissible as decided by Blessman International staff who will give special consideration to the cultural appropriateness and age make-up of the group. Under no circumstances will a minor be allowed to consume. Smoking is not permitted on our mission trips, but the use of nicotine patches is acceptable.

Every team member must attend and participate actively in mission meetings and events throughout the year, so as to best prepare for the mission trip. Team members are expected to dress modestly, taking into consideration the host culture’s dress expectations, as well as what is appropriate for the work the team is doing.

Married couples may room together when the specific accommodations allow. All other team members will be assigned to a room or dormitory with others of the same gender. A roommate can be requested, however, Blessman International will not always be able to grant each request.

Blessman International, Inc., is an organization described in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Your trip tuition or contributions made on behalf of your trip may be deductible for income tax purposes.


It is our desire that as many people as possible be involved in our short-term trips, however, our work can be physically demanding. The experience of a foreign service trip can be taxing on even the hardiest individuals.   Ideally, you should be able to walk one half mile over uneven ground surfaces.  You also need to be able to manage your own luggage. In addition, you may be called upon to work in gardens and greenhouses, and do physical set up for other outreaches. Special consideration will be given to individuals with any type of handicap, but this will need to be addressed with Blessman International staff beforehand.


If you have any questions about Blessman International Outreaches or the application process please contact our offices at 515-343-5920 or email at