Every weekday Blessman International’s Del Cramer Child Development Center provides physical, spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and social development to 155 children in Limpopo, South Africa. These children face some of the most challenging circumstances, such as food insecurity, broken homes, medical issues, and more. Del Cramer provides a glimpse of hope for these children, and so can you. Our newest program, One Child at a Time, allows you to have an opportunity to change a child’s life as a sponsor. For only $31 a month or $365 a year, you will provide a hot meal, place of safety, educational training, spiritual development, sports training, and fellowship/social development for one of our children for an entire year. You’ll receive updates about your sponsored child throughout the year. You and your sponsored child will form a bond as you exchange information about your lives; your likes, hobbies, interests, families, and more. You will celebrate them in their milestones and become one of their biggest supporters throughout the entire year. You could even get the chance to meet them face-to-face on one of our mission trips to South Africa.


Created in 2020 to strengthen connections between Blessman International’s community and those we serve while directly impacting some of the most vulnerable children in the world, the One Child At A Time program has continued to expand and is now serving 155 children. For a donation of $31/month (or $365/year), children at the Del Cramer Child Development Center will receive:

  1.  A hot meal :: Del Cramer provides over 1,000 meals every week
  2.  Place of safety :: Del Cramer is fully staffed by social workers and educators from the community
  3.  Educational support :: children receive tutoring 5 days a week, have access to a computer lab at Del Cramer, and practice their learning on our School in a Box, tablet-based system
  4.  Spiritual development :: 52 lessons a year are shared to teach kids His word
  5.  Sports training :: children have the opportunity to join the Sports 4 Christ program to learn how to be a teammate, develop physically, and have access to spiritual formation
  6.  Fellowship/Social development :: Del Cramer provides opportunities to help children learn what it means to be a friend, make friends, and develop the skills needed to cultivate deep friendships.

Program Details

  1. Sponsors will fill out the registration form and complete the donation. This is where preferences for boy/girl or younger/older sponsored children are made. To sign up, click here.
  2. Sponsors receive welcome packet including: initial letter from Dr. Jim and Beth Blessman, overview of sponsorship program, “One Child at a Time” t-shirt, and first introduction to the sponsors’ child.
  3. Children and sponsors have the opportunity to write personal letters back and forth, facilitated by Blessman International.* This is done through our online platform, Reach. Each sponsor will create an account by giving only their name and email. With this account, the sponsor will be able to see information about their child and write and receive letters directly in messages.
  4. During the child’s birthday month, Blessman International will host a group party to celebrate! Sponsors will be notified to watch live on Facebook and will receive a link to watch at a later date.

*Students at Christian schools in the Des Moines area write letters for sponsors who aren’t able to or would prefer not to.

Sponsors of the One Child at a Time program will receive a free program t-shirt with their program introduction packet. Families or groups sponsoring a child will receive two t-shirts free of charge with the option to purchase additional shirts for $10. Interested in ordering additional t-shirts? E-mail onechild@www.blessmaninternational.org.


To ensure the safety of all children at the Del Cramer Child Development Center and sponsors in the United States participating in this program, we ask that participant adheres to the policies and procedures set by Blessman International. Electronic signatures on the sponsorship application will confirm acceptance of these policies.

Click the link below to read the program policies and guidelines.