One Child at a Time

Child sponsors provide financial support to help provide necessary services at the Del Cramer Child Development Center. These payments can either be made as an annual $365 payment, or monthly $31 payments.

Sponsors will provide support and encouragement to their child throughout the year through updates/communications. With Reach, you will be able to read and write letters online as they come in. We encourage sponsors to write back their child, as this will strengthen their bond. For sponsors who are unable or would prefer not to write letters, we partner with Christian schools in the Des Moines area to have students write to the sponsored children.

We ask that sponsors keep sponsored child’s information confidential. Sponsors may share pictures, but keep the specific challenges, family situations, and other personal information between you, the sponsored child, and Blessman International. Safety of our children is our top priority.

In order to ensure every child and sponsor receives the same program experience, we ask all sponsors to adhere to the following policies. These policies are designed to protect the identity of the children and their families at the Del Cramer Child Development Center.


  1. The sponsor is not allowed to invite their sponsored child to come visit them in America.
  2. The sponsor is not allowed to send their sponsored child any money and gifts outside of Blessman International. Blessman International provides monthly birthday celebrations for each child at Del Cramer, so no gifts are permitted to individual children.
  3. Blessman International Staff has the right & responsibility to read the letters from both the sponsored child, and the sponsor, before each letter is sent.
  4. Communication with your child will be through Blessman International. We will not alter the content of the letters, however, if there is content or questions asked that risk confidentiality, we will ask for the letter to be rewritten.*
  5. Communication will occur electronically. If you prefer to handwrite a letter, the letter will be scanned on an electronic format. You will receive updates electronically as well.
  6. You are encouraged to ask questions and learn more about your sponsored child; favorite things, hobbies/interests, school they go to/favorite subject in school, etc.
  7. We highly discourage connecting and communicating with your sponsored child over social media platforms. We are not liable for any communication that occurs outside of the sponsorship program.
  8. Sponsors should be 18 years or older to participate in this sponsorship program. If an individual who is under 18 wants to sponsor a child, he/she must have consent from a parent or guardian.
  9. If a group of individuals decide to sponsor one child, each group needs one point of contact who will be responsible for collecting and dispersing communications. The group will write one collective letter to the sponsored child; multiple communications from one group will not be allowed.
  10. **You may share a photo of your child, but please do not include personal information about the child that might reveal confidential information.
  11. Sponsors are encouraged to take photos of themselves and/or their families to give to sponsored child.
  12. Blessman International will provide ZOOM meeting opportunities for the children and sponsors. These meetings will occur during birthday celebrations, so the sponsors will be able to celebrate with the children on an online, video-meeting format.

*Students at Christian schools in the Des Moines area write letters for sponsors who aren’t able to or would prefer not to.