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Stories from the Field

Stories from the Field – Jeff

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I think each of us on this trip were searching for something. Whether it was a question related to our faith, our world, or possibly about ourselves. By the end of our 10-day journey, I was able to say with certainty, I found what I was looking for.

The first church service we attended on Sunday morning will leave His presence forever imprinted into my soul. The song, joy, and worship were so inspiring and heartfelt that no one there could have missed His presence that day. I continued to feel His hand on us throughout our vision ministries and school visits.

I hunted on Tuesday 2/22 solo with my guide Harry. Just being in a world I would never have imagined experiencing was overwhelming. As the day progressed and I was successful in taking a Zebra, Blesbuck, and a Sable. I learned more and more about what great things the Hunt Against Hunger does. I originally was hunting for trophies like a warthog, black back jackal, and smaller game. When I found out that none of the meat for these would be usable by the school, I changed my game plan. Any animal He blessed me with needed to be used to bless the schools and children.

On the second day of hunting, I was blessed again by the company of both Carma and Chelsea. They too were determined to harvest only animals that would be beneficial in the Hunt Against Hunger. By the end of the second day of hunting, Chelsea had a beautiful Blue Wildebeest, Carma had a big Zebra and I too had taken a Blue Wildebeest.

The Blessman team is, without doubt, guided by Him. Their graciousness and hospitality while living every day glorifying Him made this trip even more memorable.